On a daily basis there are thousands of equipment’s which are used inside a hospital premises. We always wonder what are they used for. We know that there are surgical and non surgical instruments and equipment’s used in a hospital for treatment of patients. In these most are reusable equipment’s. There are various methods to use this equipment’s and instruments. The same way there are various methods to sterilize or disinfect them so that while it is being reused, it will be clean and sterilized. Sterilization of equipment’s and instruments are differentiated according to the classification of usage. The classifications are,

  • Non – critical – IV pumps,
  • Semi – critical – equipments used for endoscopies
  • Critical – surgical instruments used in surgeries

There is a sterilization department in each hospital which is used to sterilize and disinfect all the equipments and instruments used in a hospital. So Hospital Sterilization Technology means the various technologies used to sterilize hospital equipments and instruments.

Overview of B. Voc Hospital Sterilization Technology

In this B. Voc Hospital Sterilization Technology course a student is introduced to the centralized processing department of a hospital. A student is introduced to the various sterilization machines used to sterilize instruments. By the end of the course a student learns efficiently on how to use sterilization techniques to sterilize instruments and redistribute them into the hospital for future use.

Eligibility of B. Voc Hospital Sterilization Technology

Any student who wishes to pursue B. Voc Hospital Sterilization Technology course, must have scored 50% marks average in their science stream subjects. Students must have written their examinations from recognised boards
While this is the basic eligibility, the criteria are

  • Good patience
  • Willingness to work under pressure
  • A service mentality
  • A good team player
  • Detail oriented

Syllabus of B. Voc Hospital Sterilization Technology

The course is for 3 years where 2 years of studies and one year of internship will be included.

Career Aspects of the Course

After the completion of this B. Voc Hospital Sterilization Technology, very demanding jobs are awaited for the students. Starting from clinics to multi speciality hospitals there are various career aspects.

Job Profiles of B. Voc Hospital Sterilization Technology

  • Sterile processing and distribution assistant
  • Central sterile supply technician
  • Central processing technician
  • Central service technician