It is quite sure that most of us have only imagined how an operation theatre inside a hospital looks like. We might have seen operation theatre sets in a film and thought that maybe that is how the premises of an operation theatre look like. Well, The green aprons, masks worn, gloves, surgical instruments set in order are all true and we see a main surgeon and a group of nurses or assistants surrounding the patient. That is all there, but what we don’t notice is that, among them there is one more professional involved & that is the operation theatre technician. To say an operation theatre technician is the person in charge of an operation theatre inside a hospital. They are the professionals who ensure the smooth functioning of the operation room until a surgery is completely done. Imagine an operation room in a mess while a patient taken in for surgery? You don’t have to because an operation theater technician prepares the operation room by sterilizing it and keep all required surgical instruments in order and stands as a part of the scrub team.

Overview of B. Voc Operation Theatre Technology

Bachelors of Vocation in operation theatre technology are a course designed for whose candidates who wish to be part of a surgical team in a hospital.  In this course, a student learns the complete management and functioning of an operation theatre. They also learn the various rules and regulations to be followed inside an operation theatre. They learn the various safety measures to be followed during a surgical procedure being done inside the theatre. By the completion of the course a student will be skilled in becoming an efficient operation theatre technician.

Eligibility and Criteria for B. Voc Operation Theatre Technology

Students who wish to pursue this course after their 12th must have taken the 1st group of science as their main subjects. Students must have achieved an average of 50% marks in their board examinations from proper affiliated schools and boards.

Criteria that a student must have to take up this course are
  • Willingness to work under immense stress and pressure
  • Willingness to work for long hours
  • Detailed oriented
  • Critical analysing mind
  • Quick decision maker
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent team player
  • Good at taking orders from superiors
  • Genuine interest towards surgical procedure and techniques

Admission Procedure for B. Voc Operation Theatre Technology

There is common entrance tests conducted nationally for allotting seats for allied science courses. There are also individual entrance tests conducted by various colleges & universities for allotting their seats for eligible candidates.

Syllabus for B. Voc Operation Theatre Technology

This is three year undergraduate degree course.  The three years will be divided into six semesters. There will be both theory and practical papers included. Given below are the main subjects which are covered during the three years of the course


Human Anatomy


Basics of General surgery

Operation theatre management

Operation theatre setup


Medical Ethics


Principles of Anaesthesia

Basic nursing skills & critical care

Clinical Pharmacology

Year 3

Operative care

Equipment care & Maintenance

CSSD procedures

Medico legal aspects of Anaesthesia

Career Aspects after B. Voc Operation Theatre Technology

After completion of this undergraduate degree course, a graduate has variety of choices to choose from in the medical field. There are also options to study for masters and do specializations which increase the opportunities of better career. Graduates can also plan to go and work abroad because of the high demand operation room technicians prevailing in foreign countries. The institutions where job opportunities in this field are

  • Government/ Private hospitals
  • Super speciality hospitals
  • Critical care units
  • Emergency wards
  • Operation theatres in nursing homes
  • Labour rooms of gynaecology department
  • Cancer wards
  • Intensive care units
The different job titles a graduate can achieve after the successful completion of B. Sc Operation theatre technology are
  • Operation theatre technician
  • Assistant Anaesthetic
  • Lab technician
The average salary package of an operation theatre technician is between Rs. 2, 40,000 to Rs. 3, 20,000 per annum. The salary increases as per the experience you gain in this field. Job profiles abroad in this field are paid much heftier salary packages compared to India.  The highest paid job title in this field is for a lecturer. Their annual salary package is approximately between Rs. 6, 00, 000 to Rs. 7, 00,000.

Top Recruiters: B. Voc Operation Theatre Technology

  • Delhi Hospital & Nursing Home, Haryana
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Delhi
  • Apollo Medskills
  • Institute of human behaviour & allied sciences, Delhi
  • Manipal Health enterprises