One of the most basic things a doctor asks a patient to do is to give blood for testing. While there are many of us who don’t understand the importance of this activity, it is quite evident that it is after seeing the lab report that doctor come to the actual diagnosis of the patient. So lab reports are quite important to a doctor to access what the actual illness is of the patient. Medical labs or laboratory is a place where human fluids are tested, calibrated and results are gained. There are also other medical labs where plant specimen and even scientific research are done. So in a medical lab the main tests which are done are

  • Blood paneling
  • Testing for Immunology
  • Testing of tissue cells
  • Study of cells
  • Microscopic finding
  • Diagnosis of bacteria
  • Testing of Urine
  • Testing of sputum
  • Testing of stool
  • Testing of cerebrospinal fluid

A medical lab technician is the healthcare professional who does all the kind of testing using testing machines and techniques in its actual way. So a medical lab technician

  • Collects samples of human fluids
  • Organize the samples
  • Use machines and techniques for testing in a skilled manner
  • Do proper calibrations to find the correct result
  • Do and check quality controls
  • Reporting pathological findings accurately
  • Discussing the reports with the physicians and pathologists

Thus the profession of a medical lab technician

Overview of B. Voc Medical Lab Technology

Bachelors of Vocation in Medical Lab Technology are a three years undergraduate course. Through this course a student studies the various aspects of medical laboratory. By the end of the course a student will become a skilled medical lab technician. As there is always a demand for medical lab technicians in the field health care, this course is a better choice for many who wish to do a degree in the medical field.

Eligibily Criteria For B. Voc Medical Lab Technology

If a student wishes to pursue B. Voc in Medical Lab Technology, he/ she must have achieved total marks of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics from recognised boards or proper affiliated schools.

While this is the basic eligibility for the course, the criteria for pursuing this course are
  • Critical analysing skill is a must
  • Good observational power
  • A team player
  • A good decision maker
  • Willingness to work for long hours
  • Willingness to accept challenges in the work

Admission Procedure for B. Voc Medical Lab Technology

Most of the colleges admit student purely on the basis of their 12th grade marks. There are also entrance tests conducted by few colleges for allotting seats for the courses provided.

Syllabus for B. Voc Medical Lab Technology

As it is a three year undergraduate program, the three years are divided into semester wise system. So there will be a total of six semesters. Let us get introduced to the subjects covered in these six semesters


General Pathology & General Microbiology


Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology

Basics of Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology




Blood bank procedures & Haemoglobinopathies

Endocrinology, tumour & cancer markers

Clinical biochemistry

Immunology, Serology & Parasitology

Clinical training


Histopathology & Cytology techniques

Coagulation studies

Systemic Bacteriology, Mycology & Virology

Quality Laboratory Management & Virology

Clinical training


Career Prospects after B. Voc Medical Lab Technology

After graduation, a medical lab technician has variety of options to choose a career from. There are also options to study further and improve the chances of more career opportunities in future.

The areas where a medical lab technician can start their career are

  • Government/ Private hospitals
  • Private labs
  • Biochemistry labs
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Research labs
  • Educational Institutions
  • Industrial organizations

Job Profiles

There are many job profiles in the health care field after the completion of B. Sc Medical lab technology. The various positions which can be held are

  • Lab technician
  • Lab manager
  • Lab assistant
  • Quality assurance officers

The basic annual salary package for freshers in this field is approximately Rs. 4, 00,000 to Rs. 8, 00,000. If a graduate wishes to go abroad to work then there are much broader job profiles and hefty salary packages available.

Top Recruiters: B. Voc Medical Lab Technology

  • Manipal Health Enterprises
  • ICMR, Regional Medical Research Centre
  • Sagar hospitals, Bangalore
  • trueLAB +Opticals, Delhi
  • Matrix Healthcare India, Noida